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Tuck Entertainment is an entertainment and talent management agency with a mission to develop our drag artists' brands while propelling the artistry into mainstream culture and media. Our company services the talent we represent and those that wish to engage them. 
We manage a roster of celebrity & local talent exclusively or in association with other management groups. ​

We are a division with Lucas Talent, providing the go-to place for drag in TV/film, theatre, voice, literary and commercials. 


Your event is about to get a lot more fun!

Canada's Drag Race and Call Me Mother
Canadian Queens
Edward Scissorhands | Mina Mercury

Edward Scissorhands

Beyoncé | Kendall Gender


The Grinch | Raye Sunshine

The Grinch

Freddy Mercury | Mina Mercury

Freddy Mercury

Marilyn Monroe | Jaylene Tyme

Marilyn Monroe

Dolly Parton | Jaylene Tyme

Dolly Parton

Barbara Streisand | Jaylene Tyme

Barbara Streisand

Britney Spears | Raye Sunshine

Britney Spears

Madonna | Mina Mercury


Tina Turner | Jaylene Tyme

Tina Turner

PiNK | Mina Mercury


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